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(October 23, 1919 – June 17, 2007)

Roy Lavender at Midwestcon 41, 1990.

Carlos Roy Lavender began reading SF at a very early age, before the SF pulp magazines had appeared. He was from Delaware, Ohio. While in college, he attended a fan group in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he met SF fans Ted Dikty and Martin Greenberg.

Another early friend of his was fellow SF fan Don Ford, and they both were active in the Cincinnati Fantasy Group when it was headed by early SF author Charles R. Tanner. He was a member of the Cinvention committee and one of the founders of Midwestcon. He belonged to the Galactic Roamers and OCSFC.

Lavender was a member of First Fandom. He was also a member of N3F and was associated with publishing the club's 1950 Fan Directory, edited by Len Moffatt.

Stan Skirvin, Bea Mahaffey and Roy Lavender, from left, at Indian Lake, 1949. Photo by Ted Carnell, courtesy of Rob Hansen.

By the early ’60s, he had moved to LA and was a member of LASFS (joining September 20, 1962) and The Petards. Deedee Lavender, Roy's wife of 43 years, and their daughter, Lois, were also fen. They also had a son, Roy, Jr. (b. 1944).

In mundania, Roy was an aerospace engineer. He spent many years at North American Aviation, working on military aircraft projects in Ohio and then, on the West Coast, on Apollo and satellite projects.


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