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(July 2, 1945 – March 1, 2020)

Lois Lavender at the Knights of St. Fantony ceremony at Tricon, 1966.
Photo by Ben Jason.

Lois Elaine Lavender (née Tammy Lavender; later, Lois Thompson, then Lund) was active in the 1960s in Los Angeles fandom and LASFS (which she joined October 20, 1966). She attended Worldcons, and was frequently mentioned in con reports for Loncon II in 1965. She was made a Lady of St. Fantony at Tricon, the 1966 Worldcon, where she she also modeled in the “A Galaxy of Fashion” Show and participated in the masquerade.

She was a second-generation fan; her parents were fans Roy and Deedee Lavender. Lois was engaged to fan Ron Ellik when he died from injuries received in a car wreck in 1968, just before their wedding. She married Earl Thompson about two years later, in November 1969; they divorced in March 1973, and she seems to have gafiated. In 1982, she married Kurt O'Ferrall Lund (1939–2021), a professor of thermal science.

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Lois in the Tricon masquerade, 1966.

Barbi Johnson, Marsha Brown and Lois, from left, in the Tricon “A Galaxy of Fashion” show.

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