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Barbi Johnson in costume as Brekke of Pern in the Seacon '79 masquerade. Photo by Debbie King.

(September 1, 1932[1] – )

Barbi Johnson, a Cleveland fanartist, was active beginning in the 1950s, drawing for such fanzines as Hocus and Yandro, and exhibiting in convention art shows. She was one of the models in the “Galaxy of Fashion” show at Tricon, the 1966 Worldcon.

She illustrated Andre Norton's Forerunner (1981). She also made fiber art, such as a stuffed armadillo owned by Craig Miller. She was still doing fan art as of 2001, when she illustrated promotional materials for MilPhil, that year’s Worldcon.

Barbi held a diploma in illustration from the Philadelphia Museum College of Art.

Barbi, left, with Marsha Brown in the “A Galaxy of Fashion” Show at Tricon, 1966.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:


  1. Birthdate from Project Art Show Artist Catalogue (1962, p. 7); other sources differ. (See Talk.)

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