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(January 14, 1921 – April 2, 1965)

Ohioan Donald E. Ford began reading sf in 1930, attended Torcon 1 in 1948, and was married to Margaret Ford Keifer. He was a tall man (6'6") who had a huge collection of prozines and pulps, and did some bookselling.

He was chairman of the 1949 Worldcon, an associate chairman of Tricon, and a co-founder of First Fandom (and at one time he was the organization's secretary-treasurer). He published Pooka for OMPA which he'd been a member of since 1955. He was one of the associate chairmen of the Cleveland in '66 Worldcon bid. He wrote a column called "Slick Science Fiction" (on sf in the "slicks") for /Science Fiction Times (later Fantasy Times).

He was involved in the formation of TAFF and was a TAFF winner in 1960. His report on the trip, TAFF Baedeker, was published by Lynn Hickman for First Fandom. He was also a co-founder of the CFG (he attended Midwestcon 1) and the Don Ford Fund was set up in his honor.

He died unexpectedly at the age of 44 from cancer after surgery by none other than Doc Barrett.

Ford's photo appears on page 306 of Warner's A Wealth of Fable.

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