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AHA is a defunct Tolkien club founded by Renee Alper, Michael Dorfman, and Greg Everitt (who were both just turning 13) in Chicago in 1977. It was founded as Minas Aeron (elvish for "Tower by the Sea"), the Chicago chapter of the Mythopoeic Society, but quickly was renamed AHA.

While strongest in Chicago, it grew to at least 200 members spread world-wide (including several sub-groups elsewhere in the Midwest and Northeast) and seems to have terminated around 1989, though one final issue of The Rivendell Review was published in 1995.

The Chicago group met twice a month for twelve years, with one meeting being a LotR book club discussion and the other an outing or party of some sort. It had an annual Hobbit dinner and Midsummer Faire and Auction.

It published a monthly clubzine, Annuminas later titled The Rivendell Review. It also published a one-shot named The Tales of Aragorn and Arwen. It did six t-shirts (and got in trouble with the Tolkien Estate!)

At Chicon IV in 1982, it performed a play, The Greatest Gondorian Hero.

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