The Greatest Gondorian Hero

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A humorous play performed by the American Hobbit Association at Chicon IV in 1982. It was a parody of "The Greatest American Hero," a then-popular TV show. As Renee Alper described:

"The leading players were Geshlepper the Great, the sixth (and unheard of) wizard of the White Council, and Rink Halfling, a Hobbit residing in Gondor (the leading player in the original TV series was named Ralph Hinkley). Elbereth appears to Geshlepper, and instructs him to "Seek for the nose that was broken". When Rink runs into a stone wall and damages his proboscis, Geshlepper believes he has fulfilled the first part of his quest. Wondering what the next step is, the two are shocked when a pair of red long-johns falls from the sky. Rink tries them on, and finds out that they bestow on their wearer the ability to fly. In the pocket there is a Wonder Whisk, which, when pointed at a being, causes them to be frozen in time. They set out to locate the One Ring, the next part of their quest. They encounter Radagast the Brown, Saruman the White, and a southern belle Galadriel and her band of giggly females (including Renee's mom). At the end of their quest, they encounter Gollum, who has just lost the Ring to Bilbo. Tired and defeated, the duo is just about to set out for home, when a TARDIS (Dr. Who's trans-dimensional spaceship) appears. Out steps Fred Silverman, Executive Producer for NBC Television in the 80's. He offers the heroes their own TV show back in America, and they accept. The show ends with a parody of the original show's theme song, sung by the characters as they take their bows."

Show 1982
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