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March 1st Tropicon held
Easter Channelcon
July 16-19 First Con*Stellation held
August 20-22 First MidSouthCon held
September 2-6 (Labor Day) Chicon IV (Worldcon)
October 29-31 First Necronomicon held
Kevin Smith TAFF trip
DUFF: Peter Toluzzi (North)

Convention series started or ended:

Onetime conventions:

Publishers founded or closed:

Stores opened or closed:





AggieCon XIIIAlva RogersAmazing Adventures (Postovit)AmberconAmbercon 4Apricon 5Archon 6ArmadilloCon 4Atlanta Fantasy FairAtlanta Fantasy Fair 1982AvalonAyn RandBalticon 16BayFilkBayFilk IBaycon '82BayconBobolingsBoskone 19BrandyconBubonicon 14CONgestionCapricon 2ChambanaCon 12Chattacon VIIChicon IVDave Kyle's Chicon IV ReminiscenceCoastcon '82Codclave VIIIComplete QuandryConCon 1982Con*Stellation ICon*TretempsConClave VIIConFusion 11ConQuesT 3ConebulusContradiction 2CopperCon 2Dark WindsDarkover Grand Council VDeepSouthCon 20Detroit in '82Disclave 26Don MillerEarthcon IIEaton Con 4ElectraconElectracon IIEnnuiEpiphanyFantasy Faire 12FilkCon 4.2Forty-TwoFrank PipesFrom the RimGambitHexacon 4Hexacon 5Hubert RogersI-CONI-Con IICFA 3ICON 7IcarusInConJunction IIInconInscapeIt's Only TalkIzzardJoan Hunter HollyKubla Khan TenuumLASTCon TooLepreCon 8Life, the Universe, & Everything 2Loscon 9LothlorienLunacon 25Marcon XVIIMeg ElisonMidSouthCon 2Midwestcon 33MileHiCon 14MimosaMinicon 14MosCon IVMunchcon IIMysteryKon 7MystiCon IIMythcon 1982Mythcon XIIINargothrondNecon 3NecronomiconNecronomicon 1New Orleans in '82New York University Science Fiction SocietyNorwescon VOKon 5OctoconOctocon IVOmacon 2OryCon '82Over My ShoulderParacon VPhilip K. DickPhoenix in '82PlergbconPrometheus Hall of Fame AwardPulpcon 11REHUPARachel SwirskyReed CrandallRhetorical DeviceRivercon VIIRoc*Kon 7Rovacon 7Rudolph CastownRuss ManningSCIFI and 1.37SF Con VSci-Fi Club BulletinScience Fiction Chronicle AwardsScience Fiction Chronicle Reader AwardScience Fiction DigestSkycon 2Spacecon 4St. Ghu in '82Stanton A. CoblentzStellarCon VIIStipple-APASummercon 82Swampcon IIITelosTexarkonTexarkon 1982The Best of Susan WoodThe Boogie KnightsThe Cacher of the RyeThe Greatest Gondorian HeroThe Kemp FundThe Last AllianceTropiconTropicon ITusCon 9Twaci IndexURCONURCON IVUniconUnicon IUnicon 82UpperSouthClave XIIValleycon 7Vikingcon 3Wail SongsWestercon 35Wide Eyed in BabylonWindycon IXWisCon 6WizWorld Fantasy Convention '82X-Con 6

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