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Conquest (Brisbane)
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(There are other Conquests. See Conquest (Disambiguation).)

A media-focused regional convention held in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, beginning in 1982, sponsored by the Conquest Science Fiction Club.

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Convention Dates GoHs, Notes
Conquest 1982 Glynnis Hollindale was President of the first Conquest.
Conquest '83 1983 first media natcon
Conquest '92 September 18-20, 1992
Continuum October 13–15, 1995
Conquest 2013 October 12–13, 2013 Richard Arnold, Star Trek Consultant; Richard Hatch, Apollo - Battlestar Galactica; N. Lee Wood, Author; Peter Frankland, Brisbane Planetarium; Ian McNeice, Winston Churchill - Doctor Who; Simon Fisher-Becker, Dorium Maldovar - Doctor Who

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