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Aussiefandom is quite active. They were called Auslans once, but now Aussiefan or Ozfan is more common.

Australia and New Zealand together are Australasia.


National Convention[edit]

Some Regional Conventions[edit]

Adelaide has held some Advention conventions, and the 2009 Natcon, Conjecture. Tasmania has held some Thylacon conventions, including the 2005 Natcon.

Some Fan-Voted Awards[edit]

Australian Doctor Who fandom has the Double Gammas. Australian Star Wars fandom has, or had, the Obies. Australian media fandom had the Australian Science Fiction Media Awards. A.C.T. fandom had the ACT Region SF Awards. Victorian fandom had the Chronos Awards.

Authors and Illustrators[edit]

See List of Australian Authors and List of Australian Illustrators.

See also the Australian SF Snapshot Project.

A Brief Chronology[edit]

Date Event
1935, Aug 15 First official meeting of the Sydney Science Fiction League
ca. 1937 Spacehounds (fan publication) first published
1939, Feb 1 John Gregor's Science Fiction Review (fanzine) published (as by John Devern)
1939, Nov 5 First official meeting of the Futurian Society of Sydney
1940, Apr 1 Importation of books and magazines from non-sterling countries banned
1942 Futurian Society of Sydney officially disbanded
1947 Futurian Society of Sydney revived
1950, Mar First issue of Thrills Incorporated (prozine)
1951 Australian Science Fiction Society announced in first issue of Woomera
1952, Mar 22 First Australian Science Fiction Convention (i.e., first Australian Natcon)
1952, May 9 First official meeting of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club (as the Melbourne Science Fiction Group)
1952, June Last issue of Thrills Incorporated
1953 First issues of Future Science Fiction and Popular Science Fiction (prozines)
1953, Aug 8-9 Riverina Conference
1954 A Handbook of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Donald H. Tuck published
1955 Last issues of Future Science Fiction and Popular Science Fiction (prior to reprints in 1967)
1957 Last issue of Science Fiction Monthly
1959 Ban on importation of books and magazines from non-sterling countries lifted
1966 Australian Science Fiction Review first published
1967, Dec 6 First official meeting of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation
1968, Oct ANZAPA started (as APA-A)
1969 The Pacific Book of Australian SF (anthology) published
1969, Apr Ditmar Awards first presented
1969, Aug First issue of Vision of Tomorrow (in UK)
1970, Mar 25 First issue of Norstrilian News
1970, Sep Last issue of Vision of Tomorrow
by 1971 Space Age Books opened (as The Space Age Bookshop)
1972 First DUFF race won
1974, Feb 18 First issue of Fanew Sletter
1975, Aug First issue of Void
1975, Aug 14–17 Aussiecon
1976, June Australian Science Fiction Foundation formed
1976, Oct 9-11 First Swancon convention
1977, Mar Last issue of Void
1979 First FFANZ race won
1979 Australian Science Fiction Review revived
1979 Tom Baker promotional tour (for Doctor Who)
1980, Aug 31 Peter Nicholls won 1980 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo
1981, Jan/Feb First issue of Omega Science Digest
1982 First Conquest convention
1983 First GUFF race won
1983 Supreme Council of Time Lords formed
1983, Sep 24-25 First Media Natcon, Conquest '83
1984 First issue of The Australian Horror & Fantasy Magazine
1984, Sep 4 Donald Tuck won 1984 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo
1984, Nov 25 First Australian National Doctor Who Convention
1985, Aug 22–26 Aussiecon 2
1985 Last issues of The Australian Horror & Fantasy Magazine
1985/86, Summer First issue of Aphelion
1986/87, Summer Last issue of Aphelion
1987, Jan/Feb Last issue of Omega Science Digest
1988, Autumn First issue of Terror Australis
1990, May Eidolon magazine first published
1990, Sep Aurealis magazine first published
1992, Apr 19 A. Bertram Chandler Award first presented
1992 Last issue of Terror Australis
1993 Mortal Fire: Best Australian SF published
1994, Jan 21 The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet first published
1994, Sep 4 Peter Nicholls won 1994 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo (with John Clute)
1995 First Force convention
1996, Mar 22 First Aurealis Award winners announced
1997, June Star Wars 20th Anniversary Celebration banquet
1997 The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy published
1998 The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy published
1999 Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction published
1999, May 2 Ian Gunn won FAAn Award for Best Fan Artist
1999, Sep 2-6 Aussiecon 3
1999, Sep 5 Greg Egan won 1999 Best Novella Hugo and Ian Gunn won 1999 Best Fan Artist Hugo
1999, Nov Dreaming Down-Under, edited by Jack Dann and Janeen Webb, won 1999 World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology
2000, Apr Eidolon magazine last published
2001 First NAFF delegate appointed
2002, Jun/Jul First issue of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
2003, July 11-13 First Continuum convention
2003, Aug 28 Marc Ortlieb's Australian Science Fiction Information website closed
2004, Apr 23-26 First Conflux convention
2005, July 17 AHWA launched at Continuum 3
2005, Sept First volume of Year's Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy published by MirrorDanse Books
2007, Feb 9-11 First Nullus Anxietas convention
2007, Aug Meteor Incorporated founded
2008, Oct First issue of Midnight Echo
2008, Dec 12-15 First MiDFur convention
2010, Sep 2-6 Aussiecon 4
2010, Sep 5 Shaun Tan won 2010 Best Professional Artist Hugo
2011, Feb 27 2011 Academy Award for Best Short Film, Animated won by The Lost Thing (short film), directed by Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan
2011, Apr First UnderCONstruction held at Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon 50
2011, Aug 20 Shaun Tan won 2011 Best Professional Artist Hugo
2011 First volume of The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror published by Ticonderoga Publications
2012, Jul Last issue of The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet (third series)
2012, Sep 12 Peter Nicholls won 2012 Best Related Work Hugo (with John Clute, David Langford and Graham Sleight)
2012, Oct Angela Slatter won 2012 British Fantasy Award for Best Short Story
2013, Sep 1 Tansy Rayner Roberts won 2013 Best Fan Writer Hugo
2014, May 25 N. A. Sulway won 2013 James Tiptree, Jr. Award
2015, Aug 22 Galactic Suburbia won 2015 Best Fancast Hugo
2015, Oct First issue of Specul8
2015, Nov 21-22 Doctor Who Festival
2016, Mar 25 Aurealis Awards ceremony held at Natcon
2016, May John Bangsund won Lifetime Acheivement Award of the FAAn Awards
2016, Aug 20/21 Alisa Krasnostein and Alexandra Pierce won 2016 Alfie Award for Best Related Work
2016, Sept Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine became electronic-only and shortened its name to Andromeda Spaceways Magazine
2016, Nov Ditmar "Dick" Jenssen won 2016 Rotsler Award
2016, Dec 8 First PS Australia book launched
2017 Issue 100 of Aurealis in print
2018, Mar 31 Tansy Rayner Roberts won four Aurealis Awards
2018, May Bruce Gillespie won Lifetime Acheivement Award of the FAAn Awards
2020, Oct 17 Natcon Business Meeting held online due to Covid-19
2021, Aug 15 First issue of Etherea Magazine

More Information[edit]

For more information on the history of Australian fandom, see the websites below and (in addition to some of the titles mentioned above)

Australian Science Fiction Distributed Archive Project

Marc Ortlieb's Australian Science Fiction Information website (from 2003)

SF Encyclopedia entry

For more information on current Australian fandom see the Australian Science Fiction Foundation website.

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