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Juried awards for Australian science fiction, fantasy, and horror. They were originally administered by Chimaera Publications, who continue to own the Awards, but have subsequently been administered by a series of regional organisations: Fantastic Queensland, SpecFaction NSW, Conflux Incorporated, and WASFF.

The Aurealis Awards were established in 1995, with the first winners being announced on 22 March 1996.

Aurealis Awards ceremonies have continued to be held separately from Ditmar Award ceremonies. but in 2016 the Aurealis Awards were presented at a separately-ticketed event held at the Australian Natcon for that year. (The Aurealis Awards were presented on the Friday of the convention, whilst the Ditmar Awards were (or are to be) presented on the Sunday of the convention.) Something that might tend to keep the awards separate, apart from disagreement as to which is the premier award for science fiction, fantasy and horror in Australia, is that the Aurealis Awards have tended to be reported in terms of the year that works were published, whereas the Ditmar Awards have tended to be reported in terms of the year that the awards are presented.

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