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Marc Ortlieb is an Australian fan. He was the founding editor of the fanzine Australian SF Bullsheet and ended his 7-year tenure as editor in September 2001.

In 1982, he administered the Mid-Atlantic Fan Fund. He was "Convention Muggins" of SpawnCon Two, the 1999 Australian NatCon and edited the Aussiecon III Progress Reports and convention newsletter, The Monotreme. He was toastmaster of Tschaicon in 1982. He is married to fellow fan Cath Ortlieb.

Lists prepared by Marc Ortlieb have been useful starting points for online lists of Australian Natcons, Ditmar Award results, and fan fund candidates. An old website of his has enabled completion of a list of winners of the Australian Science Fiction Media Awards. He was also an editor of the Australian Science Fiction Foundation fanzine The Instrumentality.

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