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(1925 – July 14, 1964)

Voltaire Molesworth, aka Doktoro Vomoswoth, was an Australian fan historian and small press publisher. He became active at the end of World War II, attending the Second Sydney Conference in 1941, and was Coordinator of the short-lived Futurian Federation of Australia.

He led a revival of the Sydney Futurians in 1947, becoming one of the leading Australian fans in the 1950s. He played a major role in the three Australian Natcons held in Sydney during the ’50s. He founded and operated the Futurian Press.

Ron Clarke later remembered him as "a strong and unique personality. He despised complacency and triviality, and set himself and others high standards. Those able to think beyond the immediate horizon and concerned to make the most of themselves, as he was, were best able to enjoy his friendship."

Molesworth wrote A History of Australian Science Fiction Fandom 1935-1963 and the earlier An Outline History of Australian Fandom I, as well as other fanhistory articles.

Outside of fandom, he was a mathematician and amateur radio operator and managed the University of New South Wales' radio station. He was married to Laura Molesworth.

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