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The Second Sydney Conference was an early convention held in Sydney, NSW, Australia, on April 6, 1941. About a dozen fen attended.

Vol Molesworth reported in Triton 3 (1949, p. 13):

The Second Sydney Fan Conference, held on April 6, 1941, was more of a social gathering than a problem-solving session. Bruce Sawyer occupied the chair, and others attending were Eric and Edward Russell, Ronald B. Levy, David R. Evans, Charles La Coste, William D. Veney, Colin Roden, Graham Stone, Alan Cordner and your columnist. Capt. Robert Cudden made the trip down from 100 miles north, Newcastle.

With very little business on the agenda, the group settled down to an af­ternoon of science-fictional discussion. Fanzines were distributed and photo­graphs taken.

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