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(For other entries on nothingness, see Void (Disambiguation).)

Void was first published in the 50s, Jim and Greg Benford published the earliest issues, up through #13, when Jim dropped out. Thereafter, starting in 1959 there was a changing series of co-editors, though the actual publishing chores were taken on by Ted White who joined as co-editor with issue 14 in 1958. By 1961 Terry Carr and Pete Graham had joined and Carr merged his own fanzine Innuendo with Void. During this last period, Void had become one of the best genzines being published.

The fifth anniversary issue, dubbed the 'VANNISH', was so large, it had to be mailed out in three installments. There was also an issue, dubbed the 'WAWISH' that was devoted to Walt Willis which launched the 10th Anniversary Willis Fund that resulted in Walt and Madeleine Willis coming to America for the 1962 Worldcon, ten years after Walt's first trip

The end came rather suddenly. Issue #28 was published in early 1962, and then nothing for five years. Ted White, who had been publishing the fanzine from his Towner Hall apartment and mimeo shop in Manhattan, moved to Brooklyn, and became involved in other fan activities. The last issue, #29, was published by White after about a 5-year hiatus.

2019 video of panel with Void founders

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 editors Jim Benford and Greg Benford
5 January 1955 34
6 April 1956 20
7 22
8 36
10 1957 42
14 February 1958 editors now Greg Benford and Ted White
15 March 1959
16 April 1959
17 May 1959 22
18 July 1959 24
19 July 1959 24
20 August 1959 24
21 April 1960 Includes Gambit 35
22 May 1960 68+ The VANNISH which was so large it was mailed in three parts; Includes Gambit 36
23 January 1961 30 editors now Greg Benford, Ted White, Peter Graham, Terry Carr; Includes Gambit 40
24 1961 32 Includes Gambit 41
25 June 1961 30 Includes Gambit 42
26 August 1961 34 Includes Gambit 43
27 December 1961 32 Includes Gambit 45
28 February 1962 44 Includes Gambit 46
29 1967? Published by Ted White and Terry Carr. Final issue.

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