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A special fan fund to bring Walt and Madeleine Willis to Chicon III in 1962. (It was the tenth anniversary of WAW With the Crew in '52, the first fan fund.)

It was started by New York fans Ted White, Pete Graham, and Greg Benford and was announced the January 1961 issue of Benford's fanzine Void and then picked up in Skyrack #32a (May 1961). Larry and Noreen Shaw also championed the cause in Axe.

The eventual "executive committee" also included Ackerman. the Coulsons, Joe Sarno ( as Chicon III representative), Les Gerber, Noreen Shaw, Terry Carr, Arthur Thompson, Shelby Vick and Bob Tucker.

See Axe #0 p1 for the flyer.

Greyhound lost their luggage setting off a scorching letter from Willis to Greyhound, and a large-scale fan search of Greyhound terminals. Qver a year later, one of the two pieces was finally located in Brooklyn.

This visit yielded another Willis trip report, "Twice Upon a Time" which was published in installments in Hyphen. Madeleine wrote her own trip report which was published in installments by Bruce Pelz.

Fanfund 1962
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