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(August 18, 1939 – December 8, 2011)

Sylvia White, front, and Lou Ann Price, Pittcon masquerade, 1960. Photo by James O'Meara.

Sylvia Dees (briefly White, then Langley; born Sylvia Ellis[1]) was a fan active in the 1950s and ’60s. She helped to found the Fanoclasts in New York and was a member of the (Second) Futurian Society of New York.

She appeared in the 1960, ’61 and ’64 Worldcon masquerades.

Sylvia married Ted White in 1958 and divorced him by 1966. She collaborated with White on the story “Policy Conference” (Gamma 5, September 1965). On March 25, 1966, she married Steve Tolliver (aka Fred Langley) in Los Angeles, as reported in Ratatosk 31 (March 26, 1966, p. 2).

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  1. Sylvia’s mother remarried during the 1940s, and her new husband, Walter Dees, adopted Sylvia.

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