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Easter Ronvention (Eastercon)
August 31–September 3 (Labor Day) Chicon III (Worldcon).
Ethel Lindsay TAFF trip.
October 16–28 Cuban Missile Crisis.

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1962 Open ESFAA Fanzine for Jim CaughranA Key to the Terminology of S-F FandomA Sense of FAPAA Trip to HellA. Merrit's Fantasy MagazineASPAlan RosenthalAlaya Dawn JohnsonAlces/AmerAlexander James AdamsAn Egoboo a Day from All OverAndurilAnnette LotzAstra's TowerAvon Science Fiction ReaderBaneBeauty and the BeastBete NoireBixelCastle of FrankensteinChicago in 1962Chicken WagonChicon IIIChicon III ProgramComics, Cinema, and CollectingConvention Annual No. 2Coventranian GazetteDark StarDave Kyle's Chicon 3 ReminiscenceDave WeingartDick CalkinsDisclave 8DiscordDolphinDouble:BillEngramEtwasFree RadicalGeorge Sylvester ViereckGradus Ad ParnassumGyronnyHomunculusJulie HiseKathryn CramerKevin J. AndersonKnowableLast of a SeriesLaura ResnickLokiLudicrous PortraitsLunaLunacon 6Mathom HouseMidwestcon 13Mirth and IronyNeofundNewton EwellNiekasRachel CaineRalph M. HollandRhodomagnetic DigestSalamanderSam GaffordSan Francisco in '64Science Fiction ParadeShadowfaxSi-FanSilver DuskStar*DustStarspinkleStephan MartinièreStina LeichtSuzanne CollinsTenth Anniversary Willis FundThe Eighth Stage of FandomThe Southern FanTodd Cameron HamiltonTopazeUlrika O'BrienVelma BowenVoxWestercon 15Will McIntoshWithin

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