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(November 3, 1930 – April 19, 1962)

Arthur Castillo (born Arturo Teodoro Castillo) was a cartoonist and fanwriter active in the 1950s whose work appeared in such fanzines as The Journal of Science Fiction, Inside, Habakkuk and Warhoon.

A native of Chicago, Castillo moved to New York, where he shared lodgings with Bill Donaho and belonged to the Fanarchists. For a time, Castillo lived with Trina Robbins, who then used the name Trina Castillo, though they were not married; they moved to the Bay Area in the late ’50s, where they were active in local fandom. He also lived in Mexico for a while, went back to NYC in 1961 and finally moved to Kansas, where he died of colon cancer at age 31.

Castillo was also associated with the Fortean Society, and his artwork appeared in the Fortean magazine Doubt.

Art by Art Castillo from Inside 53 (September 1958).

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