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Michael Ashley (Leeds)
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(ca. 1962 – )

Michael Ashley, a fan originally from Mitcham, Surrey and later resident in Bradford, UK, was active from the 1970s through ’90s. He ran in the 1993 TAFF Race with this platform:

True Confessions: I went to my first convention -- Novacon 7 in 1977 -- aged 15. Been to one or two more since then plus have written innumerable fun-packed fanzine articles. Been voted best British fanwriter in 1988 and 1991 Nova awards. Edited eight issues of award-winning Saliromania. Member of all-powerful Leeds Group Mafia for last seven years, with intimate knowledge of all leading UK fans. Interests: drink, gossip, and good writing. TAFF pledge: will write trip report to end all trip reports. Why vote for me? Easy -- the alternatives are too dull for words. Plus I'm young, cute and single. You want fannish fun? Sorted.

He was a controversial figure, described by Joseph Nicholas in a 1983 loc printed in Prolapse 3 (November 2006) as “in his early twenties, has been around on the fringes of fanzine fandom for the past three or four years, and reckons we’re all a bunch of posy middle-class wankers addicted to nostalgia and fakery, who should be liquidated by the organs of internal state security without further delay. (Or something like that).”

He was closely associated with D. West and with the Chicken Brothers (Steve Higgins, Glen Warminger, Alun Harries, Robert Stubbs and Nigel E. Richardson), though not numbered as a Chicken Brother himself. His uncompromising and trenchant attitude towards fans and fandom permeated his fanwriting; some found it refreshing, while others, notably Owen Whiteoak, reviled it.

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