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Formed in 1962 (a year before CUSFS) by Chris Miller, Mark Wigan, and John Pewsay, with C. S. Lewis and Brian W. Aldiss as faculty sponsors, Aldiss's house was the center of activity for the group. It sponsored Conine.

It is officially called the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group (OUSFG), for purposes of respectability, but is rarely respectable in practice. From 1969 to 1995 it published the fiction fanzine Sfinx.

It still meets every Sunday and Wednesday in term time, with a Punt Party production each summer, a largely incomprehensible spoof of a SF book or film, with rather less blowing things up than in the 1980s. A range of old newsletters have been scanned to give a feel what the society was like.

Notable members:

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