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(1925 -- August 19, 2017)

Aldiss was an English pro writer, critic and anthologist who published sf since the 50s. Along with Harry Harrison he was co-president of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group and was faculty sponsor to the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group in the 60s. He was elected President of the BSFA in 1960. He was the literary editor of the Oxford Mail newspaper during the 1960s. Around 1964 he and Harry Harrison published a critical magazine, Science Fiction Horizons, for two issues.

He was Worldcon GoH at Seacon '79 and Loncon II. He won two Hugos, the 1962 Best Short Fiction Hugo for the "Hothouse" series, and the 1987 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo for Trillion Year Spree. He was nominated for five others: the 1959 Best New Author of 1958 Hugo, the 1969 Best Novelette Hugo, the 1979 Best Novella Hugo, the 1986 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo, and the 1991 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo.

He was the subject of an Original Member Spotlight article by Jon D. Swartz and John L. Coker III in Scientifiction: The First Fandom Report (New Series #49, 3rd Quarter, 2016).

Aldiss died on August 19, 2017, the day after his 92nd birthday.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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