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Awards given out each year by Les Utopiales, Festival International de Science-Fiction de Nantes, to recognize, from a European perspective, science fiction and fantasy in literature, film, fine arts, comics, role-playing games and animation. The award, when it began in 2000, only recognized Best Film; since 2003, several literature categories have been added.

Award Categories

  • Prix Utopiales (Adult)
  • Prix Utopiales Jeunesse (Young Adult)
  • Prix Utopiales Bande-Dessinee (Comic Book)
  • Prix Julia-Verlanger (Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel)
  • Prix Joël-Champetier (New Writer [non-Canadian] in French Language)
  • Grand prix du Jury (Film)
  • Méliès d'Argent (Short Film, award named after SF film pioneer Georges Méliès)
  • Prix Extraordinaire (Lifetime Achievement, formerly named Prix Utopia)
Year Winner
Prix Utopia
1998 Jack Vance
1999 Brian W. Aldiss
2000 Frederik Pohl
2001 Christopher Priest
2002 Robert Silverberg
2003 Norman Spinrad
2004 Michael Moorcock
2005 James Morrow
Prix Extraordinaire
2015 Manchu
2016 Gérard Klein, Denis Bajram
2017 Pierre Bordage
2018 Elisabeth Vonarburg

Award 1998
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