A Trip to Hell

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A one-shot perzine published by Robert Jennings and D. Bruce Berry describing a feud and lawsuit which soured Berry on fandom.

Starting in 1958, Berry began sending bizarre letters to fan and publisher Earl Kemp. Kemp took him to court, and Berry was soon committed to a mental institution from which he was released in 1960. In 1962, however, apparently timed to embarrass Kemp as Chairman of Chicon III, Berry and Jennings published A Trip to Hell, telling a story about the events in 1958 and accusing Kemp and Harlan Ellison of attacking Berry on the street in Chicago ... at a time that Kemp was at the Worldcon in LA. The whole affair is difficult to understand, but one consequence is that Berry and Jennings more or less gafiated.

See the article on D. Bruce Berry for links to some outside articles on the affair.

Publication 1962
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