Astra's Tower

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A FAPAzine, genzine and perzine published by Marion E. Zimmer. It covered sf and fantasy as well as witchcraft. In the late 50s the series was continued with the Astra's Tower Special Leaflets.

Issue Date Pages FAPA mailing Notes
1 Summer 1947
2 Winter 1947-48
3 December 1949 8 50
4 May 1950 4 51 Becomes perzine
5 December 1950 4 53
Continued as Astra Tower Special Leaflet Series
2 March 1958 14 Topic: Lesbiana and Variant Novels
3 March 1959 48 Topic: Checklist of Lesbian Literature
5 May 1961 26 Topic: Men, Halflings and Hero Worship
6 August 1962 18 100 Topic: A meeting in the Hyades (on interlocking fantasy worlds)
February 1969 10 Topic: Message from Yesterday to Tomorrow

Publication 19471962
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