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(Did you mean the Richard Wilson fanzine?)

ATom, left, with Tom Schluck (1960s). From the collection of Vin¢ Clarke, courtesy of Rob Hansen.

(August 21, 1927 – February 8, 1990)

Arthur "ATom" Thomson was a UK fanwriter, artist, and faned, active since 1954, when he learned of the Surrey Circle (1946–55) and started attending meetings. He used the penname ATom on his artwork.

He was staff artist on Hyphen (edited by Walt Willis & Chuck Harris) from issue 12 (December 1954), he also contributed cartoons to most fanzines of the day and to the prozine Nebula. ATom was a member of the London Circle (1955–59), Science Fiction Club of London (1959–68), and Kent Trufandom (1982–90). He was one of the founders of FWUK.

He represented the winning London in '65 Worldcon bid at Pacificon II. His artwork graced a wide range of fanzines over a long period — far too many to list.

He was born in Glasgow and raised in London.

Fanzines and Apazines:

Collections: The ATom Anthology, ATom: A Tribute, ATom 2000.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Top left, from The Directory of 1961 Science Fiction Fandom; top right, from Twig 14 (October 1958); center, from The Directory of 1956 Science Fiction Fandom; bottom, from Orion 27 (April 1961).

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