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A bid to hold the 1965 Worldcon in London which resulted in Loncon II. Ethel Lindsay was secretary.

The bid was presented by ATom (who, as TAFF delegate in 1965 was able to attend Pacificon II in San Francisco). The competition was Virgincon in '65 (a hoax bid) and Syracuse in '65. George Scithers reports on the Pacificon II site selection meeting:

"Then Arthur Thomson put in the London bid, He explained that the con was to be the 28 August weekend in London; that the con would be in the Mt. Royal Hotel, Marble Arch, London; and that the dues would be $3 for attendees, $2 for non-attendees. Arthur, no man to fall behind in a competition [see the Virgincon in '65 hoax bid, explained that there were lots of pretty girls walking the streets of London, too. Alas for ad-libbed jokes: this remark not only broke up the meeting, but made ATom himself collapse into helpless laughter. At least the con committee types seem convinced that science fiction conventions are hotbeds of the boy-chases-girl kind of lust, even if..."

A discussion on the Pacificon II site selection

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