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Boskone 15 was a convention held February 17-19, 1978 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel in Boston, MA. The GoH was John Brunner, the Official Artist was Arthur Thomson (ATom), and the Science Speaker was Marvin Minsky. It was chaired by Jill Eastlake and attendance was 1454.

This Boskone nearly didn't happened due to the Great Blizzard of '78, which fell almost two weeks before the convention on February 6-7. This was one of the worst blizzards in Boston history, closing the whole eastern part of the state for most of a week. Luckily for Boskone, restrictions were lifted before the convention began, but much of the preparation was disrupted. See Boskone Blizzard.

The Boskone Book was Tomorrow May Be Even Worse, a small-sized paperback alphabet book with a verse for each letter by Brunner and an illustration by ATom. This was also the first year a Boskone T-shirt was produced.

The fannish musical Rivets Redux (by Mark Keller and Sue Anderson) was presented by the RISFA PLayers.

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