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The SFCoL was formed in 1960 by dissidents of the London Circle. It was an invitational club and its earliest meetings were held at Inchmery. Ella Parker ran club for a short while and held the meetings at her apartment, "The Penitentiary".

Club meetings then moved to Ethel Lindsay's apartment in Surrey. A series of open meetings begun in early 1966, and continued for about a year, including talks by prominent SF pros and fans including John Brunner's "The Fiction in SF" later reprinted in New Worlds.

The club also published the Science Fiction Club of London Club Combozine that featured writings of the club's active members, and excerpts from other fanzines. The second was at 1961 Eastercon, LXICON.

The club disbanded in May, 1968. ATom said that after 10 years of seeing the same people, everyone knew what the others were going to say before they said it. They had planned to hold annual meetings to keep the club alive at least in name, but it turned out not to be a workable idea. The last club activity was a minicon in November 1968.

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