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(May 14, 1933 – November 5, 2006)

Ron Bennett was an active British fan writer and publisher, particularly in the 1950s and ’60s, even after he moved to Singapore in 1967. In 1958, he was the TAFF delegate to Solacon. He chaired the Eastercon Ronvention at Harrogate in 1962 and ran the dealers' room at Conspiracy '87. he was an avid collector and was a used book dealer for more than thirty years.

He was a member of the Leeds SF Association and the Liverpool SF Society.

He is probably best known as editor of Skyrack, a highly influential British fanzine of the late ’50s and the ’60s that evolved from the Skyrack Book Service.

He was one of the editors of the apazine The Wall, member of OMPA, claimed to have a pet elephant named Cecil, and published Ploy a hoax fanzine which got away. He also published AWOL, Antwerpse Letterkundige En Wettenschappelijke Gazet for OMPA (with Jan Jansen and Archie Mercer, also for OMPA he published Burp, and for FAPA, Qurp. Additionally, he published Through Darkest Belgium with Dave Vendelmans and Contact with Jan Jansen, John Hitchcock, Steve Schultheis and Ellis Mills. He was also a member of The Cult. He also published They're Off (with Norman Shorrock for OMPA).

He published The Directory of 1957 Fandom and The Directory of 1960 S.F. Fandom. He was on the Brumcon committee in 1959. He won TAFF in 1958 and published a trip report, Colonial Excursion. He engaged in a Great Stationery Duel with Bob Pavlat and tried to turn Alan Dodd into a hoax.

In 1958, ATom published a one-off apazine for OMPA called Ron Bennett Appreciation. He was a Knight of St. Fantony.

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