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(1927 — 1999)

Charles "Chuck" Harris (also sometimes called Chuch — from “Chuck Harris”) was a major British fan, active in fandom from the 1950s until his death. He ran Tentacles Across the Sea with Dean Grennell and was an English member of Irish Fandom.

With Walt Willis he was one of the editors of the distinguished fanzine Hyphen in the 1950s. It was nominated for the 1954 Best Fanzine Retro Hugo, the 1956 Best Fanzine Hugo, the 1957 Best Fanzine Hugo, and the 1959 Best Fanzine Hugo.

He and Willis also indulged in the Harris-White Feud, an early ’50s hoax. Later in the decade, they would be involved in the very real TAFF Wars.

He was the subject of the Chuch Harris Appreciation Magazine.

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