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(December 15, 1931 – May 12, 1993)

Sandy Sanderson at Loncon, 1957. Photo by Norman Shorrock.

Harold Peter "Sandy" Sanderson was a fan in the UK in the 1950s before moving to the United States. He was a member of the Mancon 1 committee in 1950. He is primarily remembered for the hoax he perpetuated in the early ’50s with his creation of the Joan W. Carr persona and his role in the love triangle of Inchmery Fandom.

In the late 1950s, Sanderson was a member of the intensely prolific Inchmery Fandom (along with Joy and Vin¢ Clarke, a couple in whose home he lodged). At some point, he and Joy began an affair, and in 1960, she dumped Vin¢ to marry and move to the US with Sanderson. (Vin¢ Clarke retained custody of their baby daughter, Nicki.)

Sanderson ran for TAFF in the midst of this, and lost to Eric Bentcliffe (with whom he had feuded), no doubt at least somewhat due to bad publicity from the very public breakup, spread through Ex-Inchmery Fan Diary, Vin¢’s gafiation zine.

Sanderson and Joy moved to New York with help from WSFS, Inc., backers Belle and Frank Dietz.

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