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A fanzine, website and book devoted to British fan history, all by Rob Hansen.


The Then project began with The Story So Far ...: A Brief History of British Fandom (1987), published by Conspiracy '87. The four fanzine instalments are THEN 1: The 1930s and 1940s (1988), THEN 2: The 1950s (1989), THEN 3: The 1960s (1991) and THEN 4: The 1970s (1993). Supplements covering the 1980s, added for the website and book below, are adapted from The Story So Far ...



Titled Then -- Science Fiction Fandom in the UK: 1930-1980, it was published in August 2016 by Ansible Editions on; it is 454 pages, both paperback and hardcover; there is also an ebook. The book includes the material published in the fanzine Then, much revised and expanded by about 40,000 words.

More information at Ansible. (IA)

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