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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Inchmery is a street in Catford, London, and the fandom that lived together there was Joy & Vin¢ Clarke and Sandy Sanderson. They deluged fandom with vast store of fanzines in 1958–9 and became so well known under their old address that when they moved to Queen's Road, New Cross, they retained the "Inchmery" name for their apartment.

Inchmery Fandom was one of the focal points of British fandom in the late 1950s, but was destroyed in 1960 when (Joy Clarke dumped Vin¢ to marry and move to the United States with Sandy Sanderson). After this, Vin¢ gafiated and was not heard from again until the 80s. He later said, "Fandom was too painful for me at that time."

At the time, he sent out the detailed and agonized Ex-Inchmery Fan Diary.

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