Ex-Inchmery Fan Diary

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Ex-Inchmery Fan Diary is a one-shot published by Vin¢ Clarke in 1960, after his common-law wife, Joy, deserted him to marry and move to the United States with Sandy Sanderson, a fan who was a lodger at their house. Clarke retained custody of their daughter, Nicki.

Clarke described the event as a betrayal and he gafiated for more than 20 years as a result, after publishing this anguished farewell and account of the breakup.

Besides the trio’s interpersonal relations, the Diary also brings in fandom in the U.K. and U.S., TAFF and the WSFS, Inc. brangle.

“Inchmery Fan Diary” was the name of a regular column by Sanderson in Aporrheta.

Ebook edition.

Publication 1960
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