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Eastercon 7, Cytricon II, was held in Kettering over Easter, March 31–April 1, 1956 (though April 2 was listed as being for "farewells"). There was no GoH. The committee was Vin¢ Clarke and Joy Clarke.

The convention was notable for attracting several overseas fans, including Larry Shaw, Lee Hoffman Shaw, Ellis Mills, Dave Kyle and Richard Wilson (all United States)), Jan Jansen from Belgium and Anne Steul from Germany. The membership list gives 87 names.

Eric Jones, writing in Sidereal 3.1, claimed that none of the Kettering fans attended Cytricon II and this is borne out by the membership list in the combozine. Denny Cowen, the chair of Cytricon appeared for a very short time on Sunday but he was obviously 'just passing thru'.


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