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Cytricon was the name given to five conventions in Kettering, UK. The first four were Eastercons in the 1950s. The traditional fan view has been that the name was derived from an earlier Roman settlement – see, for instance, the Fancyclopedia 2 text below – and that may be what fans believed at at the time. However, it now seems more likely that it comes from a later Anglo-Saxon settlement variously spelled Cytringan, Kyteringas and Keteiringan. This in turn implies that the name should more properly be pronounced with a hard C, Kitricon, rather than the soft C, Sitricon, that's invariably used.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Any of the conventions at Kettering, England: 1955, '56, '58. From Cytri, the Roman name for the place.
Con Dates Gohs, Notes
Cytricon I April 9–10, 1955 No gohs. Also Eastercon 6.
Cytricon II March 31–April 1, 1956 No gohs. Also Eastercon 7.
Cytricon III April 19-21, 1957 No gohs. Also Eastercon 8.
Cytricon IV April 4–7, 1958 No gohs. Also Eastercon 9.
Cytricon V October 3–5, 2008 Ina Shorrock and Peter Mabey

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