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Eastercon 8, Cytricon III, was a convention held in Kettering April 19-21, 1957. The committee was Dave Newman and Norman Shorrock and in common with other Cytricons there was no GoH. However, this time there was also no programme, no programme book or other publications, and probably no badges. Membership seems to have been around 35, much lower than Cytricon II and the smallest Eastercon.

There was minimal fanzine reportage of the convention. The main written sources are Dave Jenrette's account in Ploy #10 (September 1957, ed. Ron Bennett) and Archie Mercer's in Excelsior #3 (June 1957, ed: Larry and Lee Shaw). Laurence Sandfield writing as 'Sandra Laurence' also contributed a piece to Triode #11 (August 1957, ed. Eric Bentcliffe and Terry Jeeves).

The convention is notable for the first public appearance of the Knights of St. Fantony. The founding members from the Cheltenham Group inducted Ron Bennett, Bill Harry, Eddie Jones, Dave Newman, John Owen, John Roles, Ina Shorrock, Norman Shorrock and Norman Weedall. All were Liverpool Group members aside from Bennett who had worked in the city for a time.

This was for many years the 'lost' Eastercon. It was lost as early as 1959 when it was omitted from Fancyclopedia 2 (see Cytricon) and perhaps because of that it was omitted from the first list of Eastercons included in the programme book for Eastercon 22 in 1971 with 1958's Cytricon IV re-numbered as Cytricon III. It's not clear why nobody said anything as at least one person present at Cytricon III was credited with 'advice and assistance' on Fancyclopedia 2 while others were present at Eastercon 22 when the list was first published.

The list was recycled in most subsequent Eastercon programme books until Rob Hansen rediscovered the original Cytricon III in 1989.

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