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Eastercon 9, Cytricon IV, was held at The George Hotel in Kettering over Easter 1958, 4-7 April. There was no GoH and no programme as such. The committee was Dave Newman and Norman Shorrock.

Science Fantasy News 15 (February 1958) described it as

'The word-of-mouth Con' and '... one of the most closely kept secrets of modern fandom. Only 50 or so fans with personal contact with the Liverpool group know the Facts but SFN brings you the undercover story NOW...

Membership was 8/6d for the whole or part of the weekend to cover postal expenses and 'provide hooch for a Saturday night party in the basket lounge. Any surplus cash will go to TAFF.'

Hotel rooms were 25/- per head per day bed-and-breakfast. The main hall was not booked.

As of February, there were 36 members and the hotel reportedly had capacity for about 14 more.

Between 1971 and 1989, the convention was recorded on the canonical list of Eastercons as Cytricon III as the original Cytricon III had been omitted. This is despite it being clearly identified as Cytricon IV in the Science Fantasy News announcement.

No programme book is believed to exist.

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