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(April 19, 1928 – February 10, 2021)

Ina Shorrock. Art by Eddie Jones from Waldo No. 1.

Ina Shorrock was a Liverpool fan who discovered fandom in 1950. Her first convention was the 1952 Eastercon, London SF Con.

She was a member of the Liverpool Group, and generally acted as a social director for Liverpool fandom. She belonged to the SFCoL and the BSFA (which she chaired). She was married to fellow fan Norman Shorrock.

For a brief bio by Eric Bentcliffe, see Waldo no. 1 (December 1959), online here. He said:

British fandom’s “Hostess with the mostess”. Ina has superabundant energy, and a gift for making people both “at home” and happy.

Almost every weekend, at least two or three fen will descend on the Shorrock household together with the local mob - Ina, it seems has the capacity to cope with almost anything at a moment’s notice, there's always plenty of food, drink and hospitality available and, somehow, she finds time to join in the festivities too.

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