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(For other Loncons, see Loncon (Disambiguation).)

Eastercon 3, London SF Con, was held at the Royal Hotel in London over Whitsun, May 31–June 1, 1952. There was no GoH. The committee was E. J. Carnell, Charles Duncombe, Frank Arnold, and Jim Ratigan. Membership fees were 2/6d to the 'convention society' plus 5/- per day. Teenagers were half-price.

The convention programme book is misleading as it suggests the venue was The White Horse Tavern but this only hosted a preliminary session on Friday 30 May where out-of-town fans included James White, Walt Willis, Fred Robinson, Alan Hunter, Dave Cohen and first-timer Robert Conquest.

At the convention proper representatives of local groups reported on fanac in their regions. Arthur C. Clarke did not attend the convention but sent a recorded message from America which was played twice. The winners of the International Fantasy Awards were announced on Sunday, Fancies And Goodnights by John Collier and The Exploration of Space by Arthur C Clarke.

There was a contested bid for 1953. Cohen and Eric Bentcliffe championed Manchester while White and Willis advanced a not-terribly-serious proposal for 'Gay Paree in '53'. There were reservations about London as a venue during Coronation year but London won easily anyway. The Manchester bid would return the following year.

As Festivention the year before wasn't strictly an Eastercon, and there wasn't one in 1950, strictly the preceding event is Loncon in 1949.

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