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(1922 -- 1997)

George Hay was the working name of UK writer, editor, fan and general SF enthusiast Oswyn Robert Tregonwell Hay who was born Oswyn Robert Cohn. He as on the SCI-CON 70 committee. The George Hay Memorial Lecture is given at Eastercon on a scientific topic.

Hay helped establish the Science Fiction Foundation in 1972.

Fanzines included Realtime and Door Into George.

He began publishing SF in the early 1950s with Flight of the "Hesper" (1951), Man, Woman – and Android (1951), and This Planet for Sale (1952). In 1963 he edited the anthology Hell Hath Fury, which contained seven stories from Unknown magazine. He was one of the writers who used the King Lang pseudonym.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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