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Sometimes known by the abbreviation SFF, the Science Fiction Foundation is Britain's primary SF academic resource It was founded in 1970 by George Hay and others and is a Registered Charity. Its original patrons were Arthur C. Clarke and Ursula K. Le Guin - its present patrons are Neil Gaiman and David Southwood.

The four main objectives of the SFF are: to provide research facilities for anyone wishing to study science fiction; to investigate and promote the usefulness of science fiction in education; to disseminate information about science fiction; and to promote a discriminating understanding of the nature of science fiction.

It publishes the journal Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction three times a year, together with occasional critical works. It supports the research library The Science Fiction Foundation Collection at the University of Liverpool (managed by Andy Sawyer, for 25 years, now run by Phoenix Alexander) runs conferences and masterclasses and sponsors events at British and international science fiction conventions. An example is the George Hay Memorial Lecture at Eastercon.

It holds its AGM together with that of the BSFA as a mini-convention each summer open to the public.

Friends of Foundation used to provide fannish support, but was dissolved when the Foundation became a charity.

Archive at Liverpool University

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