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Charles Duncombe was a UK fan who served on the committees of the London SF Con, Festivention and Loncon 1. he was a member of the British Fantasy Library.

In Operation Fantast #2 (December 1947) he self-introduced:

About 1930 I succumbed, a starry-eyed victim, to the impact of American magazine Stf, which complemented a taste developed for the old masters, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells and E. R. Burroughs. Then, a year later, I feel victim to the onslaught of the depression, but, despite my pecuniary stringency I managed to read practically all the fantasy mags that reached the book-stalls in this pulp-fiction started island, until 1939 when war-geared industry tardily recognised the value of my services.

With the dawn of '47 I had plunged headlong into fandom. Subscriptions, Nigel's chains and library borrowings had taken the place of the argosies of old, pouring their treasures through my letter-box 

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