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Philip Duerr (or possibly Phillip Duerr) was a UK fan from London active in the 1950s. He was a regular attendee at conventions and was a member of the Junior Fanatics. His name is variously spelled Philip and Phillip in contemporary publications and as he doesn't seem to have published anything himself it's not possible to tell which is correct.

Duerr attended the 1951 Festivention and meetings at the White Horse. A letter from Vin¢ Clarke published in Quandry #13 (August 1951) said:

...we actually had 4 teen age fans up at the 'White Horse' the other week... One of these youngsters... is a very bright lad, who actually found a technical error in Arthur Clarke's Prelude to Space. His name is Phillip Duerr, and he’ll probably be writing for ASF in about five years time.

According to a report of the same event in Science Fantasy News #8, 'Arthur swears it was a mis-print...'.

Duerr attended the 1952 London SF Con and in October 1952 was listed as a member of the British Teenage Fantasy and Science Fiction Society. With other members of that group he attended the 1953 Coroncon where they reinvented themselves as the Junior Fanatics.

He doesn't seem to have been in evidence at the conventions outside London between 1954 and 1957 but he is listed as a committee member without a specific role of the first British Worldcon, Loncon I in 1957.

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