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(???? – January 8, 1967)

Eric Jones, a longtime British fan (starting before World War II), was interested in conrunning, fanzines, and clubs. He was a founding member and Knight Grand Master of the Order of St. Fantony; at its first initiation in 1957, he wore a black bow-tie, embroidered waistcoat, flowing cloaks and a gleaming helmet adorned with a crest and a propeller beanie.

He was also on the Loncon and LXICON committees, chairing LXICON, and was a founder and mainstay of the Cheltenham Circle.

He published Spasmodic and Sidereal and was one of the editors of Triode and Con-Science. He was publisher of Space Times. He ran for TAFF in 1966.

He was married to Margaret Jones. He died of a brain tumor.

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