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(November 18, 1925 – September 1983)

Bert Campbell (1950s).
Photo by Jim Linwood,
courtesy of Rob Hansen

H. J. “Bert” Campbell (in full, Herbert James Campbell), was a UK fan and editor of the British prozine Authentic Science Fiction during the 1950s.

He attended his first Worldcon in Philadelphia in 1953.

Campbell was a research chemist by profession, a Fellow of the Chemical Society, and gafiated in 1957 to concentrate on that career. He was also an artist, selling line drawings to magazines.

Bob Tucker wrote a reminiscence of Campbell in Spirits of Things Past 3 (p. 10):

He was a young man (late 20s) who wore an immaculate British beard in a year when that habit had not yet taken hold in the States — not even Rusty Hevelin wore a beard in 1953. Uncouth people called them ‘beavers’ and sometimes made rude remarks.

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