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(1897 – ????)

Jack Wilson was a UK fan first from Sheffield and later from Spalding in the 1950s and 1960s. He was a fanartist contributing pieces to the BSFA's journal Vector as well as some interior illustrations to the prozine Nebula among others. Terry Jeeves wrote in Erg #13 that Wilson had 'a marvellously intricate pen style... but one which demanded an electronic stencil to cope with it'.

In a profile piece in Triode #1 (September 1954) he said he'd had three years of art tuition in Sheffield before the First World War and a private course between 1936 and 1942 but was nevertheless mainly self-taught as an artist. He credited Alan Hunter for '[giving] me my first real chance in the art-world.'

He attended the 1954 Supermancon and was frequent attendee at UK Eastercons through to at least 1963. He was a founder member of the BSFA in 1958, member number #35. He may have been a member of the Lincoln Astronomical Society.

The second progress report for Loncon II in 1965 noted that he had sent artwork to the Pacificon in 1964 but due to shipping delays it didn't arrive until after the convention had ended. Vector #35 (October 1965) reports his work placing second in the sf illustration category at the Loncon II artshow and Niekas #17 (November 1966) says that he won both sf and fantasy illustration awards at the 1966 Tricon.

He worked variously for a silversmith, as an apprentice plasterer, in the army during the First World War, and later for the Ministry of Labour.

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