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Ethel Lindsay, Frances Evans and Frances Glynn, the poster designer, launching Fez at Supermancon. Photo Eric Bentcliffe, cropped from Relapse 17

Femizine, nicknamed Fez, was a fanzine published in the UK from 1954 to 1956 and revived 1958 to 1960 (originally as Distaff but then retitled back), supposedly as an all-femmefan effort. However, the first editor, “Joan W. Carr” was a hoax by a man, Sandy Sanderson. Pam Bulmer and Ethel Lindsay were later editors.

After Ethel Lindsay had ended her solo second run with #15, Bobbie Gray announced that she had 'fallen heir' to it (Vagary #12, winter 1960). She solicited contributions but for whatever reason a further issue under her editorship did not appear.

Rob Hansen compiled a selection of women's writing from Femizine and contemporary fanzines as Generation Femizine (Ansible Editions, 2023).

For other women-only publications, see the American:


# Date Pp. Editor / Notes
1 Summer 1954 22 Joan W. Carr, ed. Cover (bikini-clad astronautess, by "yed"), addresses on its inside verso, then inner pages numbered from ONE to EIGHTEEN, then 2-page "Tailpiece". Fanac.org scan suggests the whole zine then may have been put into a folded advert for Triode as a kind of extra cover. Despite the date, was launched at SuperMancon on Whitsun, 5–6 June. "This first issue is free. Future issues will be 9d each, or 2/6 per year (Four issues)." British Fanzine Bibliography notes #1 was half-foolscap format (i. e. atypical "landscapeish" 8 inch / 201 mm width x 6.75 in / 165 mm height), while all the following quarto.
There was a special 2-page unnumbered "June 1954" issue/suplement within the Supermancon Programme Book/Combozine.
2 August 1954 34 "
3–4 December 1954 64 " ; Double issue; the first to feature the pseudonymous column by Francezka
(–) January 1955 4 Within Cytricon Combozine, called Junior Fez
5 February 1955 40 No editor listed, but material is to be sent to Ethel Lindsay, exchange zines and locs to "Sgt. J. W. Carr". So presumably Ethel and "Joan" are co-editors, although other sources say that "Joan" was the editor
6 April 1955 44
7 Autumn 1955 62 Pamela Bulmer is co-editor with "Joan"; explained in the following's editorial: "There seems to have been a great deal of confusion aroused as to who is editing Femizine. The last issue was edited and stencilled (36 stencils) by Joan Carr, who found it impossible to continue with future editions and therefore arranged to post the stencils on to me. They arrived a couple of days before Ken and I left for the States and rather than leave publication until our return, Joy Clarke agreed to see to the duplicating, Ron and Daphne and Vince and Joy spent a happy weekend collating and mailing the zine and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking those concerned and in particular Joan and Sandy and Joy Clarke for all the effort they expended in turning out the zine. Thanks are also due to Ethel Lindsay and Frances Evans for the work they have put in in establishing the magazine.
8 March 1956 62 Pamela Bulmer is editor; the last to feature the pseudonymous column by Francezka. "This issue has been duplicated on Ethel Lindsay's portable EMGEE duplicator, which she very kindly loaned me." "I hear that the U.S. venture 'FEMZINE' has folded - be it noted that FEMIZINE goes on. This is 8th Fandom oiling the wheels."
9 May 1956 34 "Edited and Published by Pamela Bulmer", US subscription agents Eva Firestone (West) and Dick Ellington (East). Hoax revealed on the cover (and detailed inside) just before it would break anyway.
Hiatus of more than 2 years; Ethel Lindsay took up editorship for the rest of the run.
(10) September 1958 26
Distaff cover; click to enlarge
Ethel Lindsay is the new editor.

The cover with a phoenix picture says Distaff (no number discernible), subtitled “The New ‘Femizine’”; p. 2 starts "This is Distaff No. 1 (the late Femizine)". Daphne Buckmaster "produced the cover, invented the new name, and helped out with illos"

11 May 1959 30
#11 cover; click to enlarge
Ethel Lindsay, ed. Cover by Joy Clarke (who contributed to many issues; it is worth noting Joy’s close connection to Sanderson, i.e. "Joan") has a subtitle “The ‘Fanne-ish’ Irregularly’” and shows a women's protest march with signs DOWN WITH DISTAFF! / NO NEW NAMES FOR FEMIZINE. / WE WANT FEZ / APE SEZ FEZ / WE WANT TO BE A FOCAL POINT, TOO! etc. – as summarised by Hansen in Then, "The fanzine was welcomed by Britain's female fans but the name-change wasn't".
12 Autumn 1959 24 "
(13) Spring 1960 24 Issue # not given anywhere. Cover signed Joy, "from an idea by Harry Turner". 1/- Per copy, American Agent Betty Kujawa. Closing remarks dated "today..5.4.1960 […] in time for the Easter convention thank goodness".
Ron Bennett’s review in Skyrack 18: “When so many fanzines are beating one another over the eds trying to become the Focal Point of fandom, it’s pleasing to receive a fanzine which possesses such a marked degree of informality. For some reason I’m wildly reminded of Georgina EllisWendigo, and it’s about time we had another fanzine like that. Ethel is backed up by Bjo Wells (who introduces Elinor Busby, my favourite Fan-I-said-hello-to-but-little-more-to) and Ina Shorrock (who introduces husband Norman). Janey Johnston writes on cats, Juanita Coulson writes on Charles Eric Maine and Margaret Picken and Sheila Ashworth report on the Liverpool party over New Year. Joy Clarke reviews fanzines in microelite. A short letter column makes up an enjoyable issue.”
14 Summer 1960 20
15 September 1960 16 Ethel Lindsay, ed.; final issue

Publication 19541960
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