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Eastercon 5, Mancon 2, nicknamed Supermancon, was a convention held June 5–6, 1954 (Whitsun weekend), in Manchester, UK. The name came from it being the second Mancon, and had nothing to do with Superman. It was sponsored by the Nor'west Science Fantasy Club. The GoH was John Russell Fearn.

Dave Cohen and Eric Bentcliffe had originally made a bid for a Manchester convention to be called Supermancon at the 1952 convention. On that occasion they were beaten by a London bid that became Coroncon.

The SuperMancon Combozine was produced for the convention. It lists 127 members of 'The Supermancon Society' and includes special issues of Space Times, Alpha, Medway Journal, BEM, Orbit, Zenith, Brennschluss and Space Diversions as well as trail for the forthcoming Femizine and what purported to be an extract from the twentieth issue of Nirvana, a fanzine where subscriptions were by invitation only.

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