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A fanzine published by Ken Bulmer. Or maybe not. Fancy 2 thinks it was a hoax, but there was at least one more issue in the SuperMancon Combozine, so who knows?

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Autumn 1949 6
20 V5.4 1954 4 in SuperMancon Combozine

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
A very ordinary fanzine published by Ken Bulmer. Only one person (Walt Willis) commented on it and Ken folded it immediately. But a legend grew up about its mythical following issues (cf. Odd Tales)... fabulous material, subs by invitation only, a sort of inner circle fanzine for the elite of the elite; those in the know, especially Walt and Ken, mentioned it only in hushed tones and reverent voices. It has, I hear, never previously been explicitly revealed as a hoax.

Publication 1949
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